Why You Should Clean Your Home’s Dryer Vent and HVAC Ductwork

air duct cleaning

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Even though you can’t see them, the inside of your home’s air ducts and heating system could be causing problems that are very much in the front of your mind.

Dust, dirt, bacteria, and even mold and fungi can all accumulate on the inside of your home’s HVAC ductwork, impacting your home’s indoor air quality and possibly even the health of you and your family. And when it comes to dryer vents, the dryer lint that accumulates in uncleaned systems is a highly potent fuel. Excess buildup an result in an increased risk of a fire in your home.

Regular cleaning of your home’s air ducts reduces these harmful buildups of dust, allergens, and other hazards, resulting in a home that’s cleaner, healthier, and safer.


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How Our Specialized “Source Removal Process” Works

  • Customized agitation tools are inserted into vent openings to loosen dust, dirt, and other accumulated contaminants. Then, the interior ductwork is blasted with almost 200 PSI of air pressure.
  • Then, a vacuum hose almost a foot in diameter is attached to the duct vents to suction out the loosened debris, making sure that every corner is left clean and that nothing makes its way into your home’s interior.
  • In the case of A/C coils, furnace ducts, and other narrow or sensitive areas, hand-cleaning is used to ensure a careful, thorough job.


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