Eliminate the Risk of Grease Fires with a Certified Kitchen Hood & Exhaust System Cleaning

kitchen exhaust cleaning

Maintaining your kitchen exhaust system to NFPA Code 96 and to all State and Local fire codes is the best form of fire prevention in restaurants and facilities with commercial kitchens. Grease laden hoods, filters and fans compromise your systems performance and are a serious fire hazard which should not be ignored. Maintaining your kitchen exhaust system at the proper intervals ensures your compliance with State and Local Fire and Health Codes and will extend the service life of your systems components.

Preferred Hood & Duct’s technicians have all the proper tools, training end expertise to properly maintain your hood and exhaust system.


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    How Our Specialized “Source Removal Process” Works

    • Customized agitation tools are inserted into vent openings to loosen dust, dirt, and other accumulated contaminants. Then, the interior ductwork is blasted with almost 200 PSI of air pressure.
    • Then, a vacuum hose almost a foot in diameter is attached to the duct vents to suction out the loosened debris, making sure that every corner is left clean and that nothing makes its way into your home’s interior.
    • In the case of A/C coils, furnace ducts, kitchen blower blades, and other narrow or sensitive areas, hand-cleaning is used to ensure a careful, thorough job.

    Get a free consultation and quote by getting in touch with our easy online form, or call (727) 233-6521.

    More Information about Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning & Hood Cleaning

    If you’re a restaurant or business owner in Hudson, Florida looking for commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning, look no further than Preferred Hood & Duct. Fully licensed and certified by the ASCS, Preferred HD is one the most trusted, reputable kitchen hood and exhaust system cleaners in the state. Give us a call at (727) 233-6521 or get in touch using our convenient online form to set up a free commercial or residential kitchen hood cleaning consultation today.

    Why Should I Get My Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaned?

    When you use your kitchen hood during cooking, grease, smoke, and other contaminants are sucked into the exhaust system’s ducts, hoods, and fans in order to be safely vented. However, even kitchen exhaust systems functioning at peak efficiency accumulate grease over time. This leads to a gradual build-up that causes impaired exhaust function and an increased risk of fire.

    How Does Kitchen Hood Cleaning Work?

    The exhaust system is disassembled by trained professionals, and accumulated grease is scraped out by hand. After hand scraping, professional cleaning companies will use other methods like steam cleaning, chemical cleaning, and hot water pressure washing to ensure a complete, thorough clean.

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Requirements

    Kitchen hood cleaning isn’t just smart, if you’re a business it’s the law. Most cities andThe NFPA logo. The NFPA sets kitchen exhaust cleaning standards used by many governments. other municipalities set their standards to those set by the National Fire Protection Association. According to the NFPA, cleaning schedules are set according to the type and volume of cooking performed:

    • Wood, charcoal, and solid fuel: Monthly cleaning.
    • High volume cooking (24-hour, charbroiling): Quarterly cleaning.
    • Moderate volume cooking: Semi-annual cleaning.
    • Low volume cooking (seasonal operations, churches, etc.): Annual cleaning.

    Check with your local fire marshal for exact regulations in your city or town, but regular cleaning is an absolute necessity.

    In short, kitchen hood cleaning services reduce risk of fire, create better ventilation, improve energy savings, and put businesses in compliance with legal safety regulations. For something so worth doing, it’s definitely worth hiring the right team.