Warmer Days Approaching: Schedule an AC Coil Cleaning

Spring has finally arrived in CT and warmer days are approaching. Soon we’ll move away from cranking our thermostats up to keep our homes warm to lowering the temps so the AC kicks on and keeps the home cool as temperatures are rising outside.

The constant use is taxing on the units and make yearly maintenance and cleaning critical. Especially for AC systems that can stop working and leave you melting on the hottest days of the year.

An AC coil cleaning will improve energy usage, ensure your home is cooling efficiently and prevent costly repairs and system breakdowns.

Spring AC Coil Cleanings

Spring time in Monterey is perfect for AC coil cleaning services because the snow has melted, the temperatures are mild and your windows are likely open letting a breeze into your home. It’s also the time just before the hot weather and extreme temps enter. July and August have historically been extremely hot in CT so your AC system is working hard around the clock to cool your home. You want to be sure it can do this and do it without increasing your bill or breaking down mid-season.

home AC unit

During an AC coil cleaning, the dirt and debris that’s accumulated around the condenser unit (grass clippings, leaves and dirt that’s kicked up from the ground are all culprits) are cleaned off of the coils so that they can properly absorb heat and have necessary airflow. In addition to cutting down utility bills this will also help extend the life of your AC system.

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A well trained technician will clean the coils without damaging them and can also spot other issues with the system that may need to be addressed. So while it will help to keep the AC units area clear of debris, you still need to schedule a cleaning once a year to keep your system working properly.

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