This is a Reminder to Check Your Dryer Vent!

Being a responsible homeowner comes with a laundry list of to-do items – each one important in its own way. Thankfully, yearly maintenance services and online reminders like this one are around to help keep you on your toes.

House fires caused by clothes dryers happen at an alarming rate. According to the National Fire Prevention Association they were responsible for annual averages of, “13 civilian deaths, 444 civilian injuries, and $238 million in direct property damage.”

Of these fires, the reason behind their happenings were traced back to dust, fiber and lint as well as wire and cable insulation from the appliance itself.

This serves as an important reminder to check your dryer vent regularly. Not just emptying the screen trap for lint after every load but also emptying the vent that leads outdoors and looking behind the dryer and inside of the dryer to ensure there is no clog or other blockage present.

clothes dryer fullSome of the common signs that your dryer vent might be clogged include: clothes not drying properly or the appliance is hot to the touch when in operation.

Whether it’s been a while since you completed the chore, or if you can’t remember ever cleaning your dryer vent, the time is now. Depending on your DIY abilities and the location of your dryer and venting, you may be able to go behind the appliance yourself and free the debris from the tubing leading outside.

Or, you can leave this important task up to the professionals. The energy efficiency savings and fire hazard elimination make it an important task on your list, so bump it up to the top and get it handled sooner rather than later.

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