The Problem with Dirty Air Filters in Your Home’s HVAC System

A man repairing an air conditioner.Keeping your home cooled and heated are probably two of the most important things that make it a comfortable place to stay throughout the seasons. Once one of these capabilities is gone, dealing with uncomfortable temperatures can be frustrating. One tell-tale sign that you have an issue or will soon, is a dirty air filter. Here’s a closer look at the problems a dirty air filter in your home’s HVAC system can bring.

Less Efficiency & Money Wasted

Replacing air filters in your home should be something you do regularly. The cost of the filters themselves are low and it’s a task you can do yourself. But forgetting or letting the replaceable filter sit for too long will comprise the efficiency of your system. All of the dust, pet hair and other dirt clogging the system takes extra work to get your home heated or cooled. As it works harder, it’s also increasing your utility bills.

Allergens & Other Air Quality Issues

HVAC systems do more than just keep your home warmed or cooled. They also circulate the air you’re breathing. When allergens and dust particles are clogging the system, they’ll make their way into the air you’re breathing too. This can lead to respiratory issues and a host of other problems for you and your family.

Equipment Breakdown

In addition to higher bills and poor air quality, HVAC systems layered in dust and air filters that haven’t been replaced will eventually also lead to premature equipment breakdown and costly repairs. In fact, fans, motors and other internal components covered with layers of dust will work harder and are even a fire hazard you should avoid.

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