How Often Should You Have Your Kitchen Hood & Exhaust System Cleaned?

Keeping things clean in your home or business is important for aesthetics and also to prevent possible disasters. Keeping your space free of clutter or other fire hazards is essential.

When it comes to the kitchen, the need to be clean is even more important for food safety. Commercial kitchens even have strict codes and rules they must follow to remain compliant. These dictate how a kitchen is set-up, which appliances are used and how, and many other specifics.

Kitchen hood and exhaust systems are an important element in these rooms. They work hard to keep the air fresh, fumes and smoke out, and fire hazards at bay. Regular cleanings are necessary. Do you know how often you should have your kitchen hood and exhaust system cleaned?


To be in compliance you should check with local city rules and fire marshall requirements for your specific location. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests cleanings and maintenance happen more frequently for kitchens that are frying with oils and cooking more often. This can range from 1 time per month to 1 time per week. It’s best to have an inspection done to learn more about what’s expected for your kitchen.

Annual cleanings are typically only acceptable for kitchens that use appliances seasonally or in low volumes. For those that run on 24 hour schedules the cleaning demands increase to quarterly needs and those with special wood and charcoal stoves to monthly requirements.


By cleaning trapped oil and gunk from your stove’s vent and hood, it will be run more efficiently and cut down on energy costs. Depending the type of filter used you can either get a clean replacement or wash the mesh filter for reuse. The important thing is to remember that hiring a professional will ensure that your kitchen’s hood and exhaust system has been cleaned properly.

Preferred Hood & Duct provides commercial and residential heating and cooling services including maintenance and cleaning. Technicians with all the proper tools, training and expertise to properly maintain your hood and exhaust system will ensure you’re up to code and operating efficiently.

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