Why You Should Never Skip a Furnace Inspection

For those of us living in New England, the AC units have long been turned off and the heat has likely already been turned on. With cold temps expected to really hit the area in the coming weeks, you should be sure all your home’s heating equipment is running efficiently before you crank it up to stay warm. There are dangers involved with foregoing scheduled maintenance that you should be aware of.

Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t skip your furnace inspection.

Premature Breakdown

There are many things you can do to keep your furnace in good working order. That includes checking and changing air filters regularly and keeping the area around the furnace swept and clean. Breakdown of the system can also occur when dust and dirt are kicked up and make their way into the motor or other internal elements of the system.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

One of the most dangerous things an inspection can catch are CO2 leaks. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that claims the lives of so many each year. While most homes today are equipped with CO2 detectors, there are many that still are not. During your furnace inspection and cleaning you may be able to catch a leak in advance before it has a chance to wreak havoc.

Fire Hazard

A good rule of thumb is to check filters, schedule furnace and chimney cleanings and change all smoke alarm batteries at the same time as the clocks are turned back for the season. Early warning of an issue goes a long way in ensuring you and your family can get out safely. Never clutter the area around your furnace and schedule routine cleanings and maintenance to avoid house fires.

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