Celebrate National HVAC Technicians Day with Preferred Hood & Duct

air duct cleaningLet’s show some appreciation for the HVAC technicians that help us stay cool through the summer heat by celebrating National HVAC Tech Day, recognized on June 22, 2017.

Many of us are already cranking our central air conditioners to stay cool through this year’s already sweltering summer heat. The luxury of being able to stay in the comfort of our air-conditioned homes wasn’t always around. Heating and cooling systems came into existence during the 1900s, but continue to improve. HVAC technicians help to clean, maintain, repair and replace HVAC systems to improve air quality, energy efficiency and more.

Summer would be a lot less comfortable without them! 

What HVAC Technicians Do

A man repairing an air conditioner.
KOMUnews via Flickr/Creative Commons

Working in both residential and commercial buildings, HVAC technicians help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Technicians’ work can range from installing heating and air conditioning systems to repairing these systems when they aren’t working properly.

They go beyond repairing and installations by regularly maintaining these systems to prevent future breakdowns. Their services allow your HVAC systems to continue running throughout the day and night to keep temperatures comfortable.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of HVAC systems also mean cleaner air and lower energy bills. Not bad!

Why and How Technicians Maintain your Systems

It is important to keep up with the maintenance of your HVAC systems. They can be filled with dust, dirt, bacteria and mold without you even knowing it. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Having a buildup of debris in either your home or commercial business can have an impact on the air quality. Clean air can positively affect your family or employees’ health.

To clean your HVAC systems, technicians have custom tools they use in vent openings to loosen the debris that has built up. They blast it with air pressure, and use a vacuum to extract the loosened contaminants. Technicians go through this process to get rid of the collection of dust and dirt so you can breathe clean air, reducing your risk of becoming sick.

Call a Preferred HD HVAC Technician to Keep your System Clean

Celebrate HVAC Technician Day on June 22 by contacting a Preferred Hood & Duct to schedule service. Their technicians’ experience in cleaning HVAC systems, air ducts and more can improve your home’s air quality and more. Let a professional handle the work, so you can be relieved.