Keeping Your Home’s Air Clean

Keeping the air in your home clean may seem like an easy task. Dust regularly, mop the floors, and open the windows to let in some fresh air. While all of these are great ways to keep dander and debris at bay, it’s actually not the right way to keep the air your family is breathing in safe.

For the health of your family, paying attention to the quality of air in your home is important. Research has shown that the air in your home can potentially be worse than breathing in outdoor pollutants if you’re not keeping up with proper cleanings.

Dust mites, pet hair and mold are just some of the dangers left to drift through your home that will cause issues. They are known to be the culprit behind a sore throat, watery eyes and even cause asthma attacks.

Overcoming Poor Air Quality

The latest American Lung Association’s 2018 State of the Air report has found that poor air quality was the blame for an estimated 6.1 million deaths across the globe in 2016.

To overcome poor air quality in your home, it’s important to ventilate properly. Be sure to clean dryer vents, ductwork and even fix plumbing leaks to stop mold and prevent air quality issues.

Another great tip for keeping the air in your home clean is to turn up the AC to keep moisture out of the air and requesting that all smokers stay away from the home when smoking. Second hand smoke can cause serious health risks in kids and adults.

You should also be mindful of the kinds of cleaning products you’re using. Just because you like a squeaky clean bathroom or pine fresh kitchen floors, doesn’t mean it’s safe and actually clean. Some of these products include dangerous toxins that go into the air as gases and can cause serious harm.

How HVAC Services Help

Schedule regular HVAC maintenance appointments and be sure to keep those important appointment as the cleanings performed are critical to health and safety. Yearly cleanings ensure the system is running optimally and can even prevent premature breakdown or other costly issues from happening.

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