What to Do If You Have Insects in Your Air Conditioner Ducts

insects in air conditioner ductsPests such as insects are always looking for places to live and access to food and water. They often enter homes through air conditioner ducts. Insects can be attracted by the smell of food or Freon from the air conditioner or by the water that drips from the compressor hose.

Once insects have made their way into your air conditioner ducts, it is only a matter of time before they leave them and travel into your house. Then they can bite people and pets and get into food and other places where they can cause destruction.

Don’t Use Pesticides to Get Rid of Insects in AC Ducts

When insects have invaded their home, most people tend to go to the store to buy a can of pesticide spray. However, if insects are getting into your home through the air conditioner ducts, you should not spray a pesticide there. If you do, the fumes will be spread throughout your house the next time the air conditioner turns on. This can negatively affect the indoor air quality in your house and possibly make you, your family, and your pets sick.

Get Your AC Ducts Professionally Cleaned

A better solution is to have your air conditioner ducts cleaned. This can remove insects and prevent them from getting into your home and causing a nuisance. Professional duct cleaning can also remove any droppings the insects have left behind that could be affecting your indoor air quality whenever the air conditioner blows them into your home.

Preferred Hood & Duct is a professional duct cleaning company serving homeowners throughout Monterey. We can clean your air conditioner ducts to remove insects that have gotten in them and are invading your house. This can eliminate insects and improve your comfort and quality of life at home.

How to Keep Insects out in the Future

After you have had your AC ducts cleaned, you will need to take steps to keep insects from coming back in the future. You can install fine wire mesh over your duct openings to keep insects from getting back into the ducts and your home. Then you will be able to use your air conditioner all summer long and not have to worry about insects infesting your home.

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