If There Was a Fire in Your Home, You Should Have the HVAC Ducts Cleaned

A fire in your home is a devastating experience that can lead to a life-threatening situation for the people inside, in addition to major damage to the house and your family’s belongings. If you recently had a fire in your home, you probably have a lot on your mind and a lot of things to handle. Once you have made sure that everyone is safe, you need to begin the cleanup process.

In addition to the obvious damage to your house and belongings, there may be other damage that you can’t see. That damage can have serious effects on the health of you and your family.

How a Fire Can Affect Your HVAC Ducts

During a fire, smoke and soot can enter the vents of the HVAC system. That can cause them to become dirty and contaminated. Smoke and soot can cause strong odors. When you turn on the HVAC system, those contaminants can get blown back into the house, where they can irritate people’s lungs.

There is an additional danger from the water used to put out the fire. Water that gets into HVAC ducts can lead to mold. When your HVAC system is turned on, mold spores and bacteria can be spread throughout the house, where they can cause respiratory problems for the inhabitants.

Have Your HVAC Ducts Cleaned after a Fire in Your CT Home

If your home has been damaged by a fire, you have a lot to do to get it repaired and cleaned up so it can be livable again. There may be a lot of obvious damage, but there may also be hidden dangers. Don’t overlook the HVAC ducts in your cleanup efforts.

It is usually faster and less expensive to have the HVAC ducts cleaned than to replace the system. Deodorizing and sanitizing treatments can be used to clean the HVAC ducts and restore the indoor air quality.

Preferred Hood & Duct can clean your HVAC ducts after a fire to remove smoke, soot, and water that could affect your family’s health. This can make the air clean and safe to breathe so your family can return home as quickly as possible. Contact Preferred Hood & Duct if you need to have the HVAC ducts cleaned after a fire in your Monterey home.

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