How to Find a Good Home Air Duct & Air Vent Cleaning Company

Home air vent cleaning services can be hard to shop for. Air vent and air duct cleaning is something that is often (and unfortunately) overlooked by many homeowners, so those who are looking for a good cleaning company often don’t know where to begin or what to look for.

If you’re looking for an air duct cleaning company in Monterey, follow these tips to make sure what when the time comes, you go with someone you can trust.

What to Look for in an Air Vent and Air Duct Cleaning Company

Interview more than one company in your area, if possible.

Ask for a consultation, inspection, and price quote for comparison from as many companies as you reasonably have time for. Reputable companies will offer these services as a free courtesy. Companies should inspect all of your home’s ducts and other related system components.

Be suspicious of price quotes that seem unreasonably low or too high. Note that prices will vary according to how thorough a company’s standard service is. A fair price will usually (though not always) be between about $450 and $1000.

air duct cleaningAvoid gimmicks.

Many disreputable companies will offer specials like $99 or $50 to clean an entire home’s ductwork. Often these specials come in the form of coupons or direct mail advertisements. These are usually scams, designed to get a company into your home with a low upfront price before jacking up the price.

Get references.

Ask neighbors or friends if they have had any good experiences with air duct cleaning companies in the area. Many companies also provide testimonials from satisfied customers.


Choosing an air duct cleaning company is an important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re in Monterey, Preferred HD is a residential air duct cleaning company with over 20 years’ experience. Get in touch for a free consultation today.

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