Essential Home Maintenance Work You May Have Overlooked

Owning a home is a great feeling. You have something to call your own. An investment and an asset you can be proud of. But what most people don’t realize are all the hidden costs and maintenance required to keep this dwelling in good shape.

Sure you can cut the lawn and have your furnace serviced each year as part of regular maintenance, but there are lots of other things you might not think about checking and by the time you do, it’s too late.

Suddenly you learn you’ll need to replace an entire septic tank or that your AC unit is now out of commission. And these fixes are not quick or cheap. Don’t fall into this trap. Here are some essential home maintenance tasks you may have overlooked.

Clean Gutters

You probably don’t stop to think about anything that might be happening above eye level to your home. But your home gutter system is a very important feature you’ll want to make sure to keep clean and free of debris or risk a host of other issues popping up. Leaves, sediment and other accumulation in the gutters will eventually get clogged in downspouts over time and make it impossible for water to escape. This water ends up coming through your home’s foundation or causing water damage to your roof. Instead of having to shell out the money for those costly issues, schedule a routine cleaning for your gutters each Spring and Fall. If you live in a particularly woodsy area, you might even want to consider doing the cleaning more frequently.

Test Sump Pump

Many homes use a sump pump system to keep water and moisture from entering their basements. Whether you live in an area with lots of rain, or your home is susceptible to basement flooding, using a sump pump is the only way to keep outside water from entering. But you should never assume the pump is functioning or wait for a big rainstorm to find out. Instead you should perform regular tests of the sump pump throughout the year and leading into any rain seasons to ensure it is always working. You can plug and unplug the system or run water through it to test it if it is working. Or call on experts to ensure it is properly maintained.

Clean Dryer Vents

It goes without saying that cleaning the vents for your clothes dryer is a pretty important task for homeowners. We may regularly empty the lint trap on the appliance, but there is also a need to clean duct work and the rest of the vent system for the dryer or risk wasting more energy and paying higher utility costs as well as the possibility of a fire.

Don’t risk overlooking these important maintenance needs for your home. If you’re in Monterey, schedule a time for a professional from Preferred Hood & Duct to come out and keep your home up and running smoothly.

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