Why You Should Have Your Company’s HVAC System Cleaned This Spring

Routine maintenance is important for any business, but some things are easy to overlook if they are not seen every day. One area where many Monterey businesses should devote more attention is their HVAC system. With spring coming up, now is an excellent time to have your company’s HVAC ducts cleaned.

Spring HVAC Cleaning Can Improve Air Quality

Cleaning your HVAC system can reduce allergens, such as mold, dust, animal dander, rodent droppings, and insects. Many particles can make their way past filters and into the HVAC system. They are then re-circulated in the air and can cause people to become sick. That can create an unhealthy environment for your employees and can result in sick days and reduced productivity. Allergens can also create an unhealthy and unpleasant environment for your customers. Cleaning your HVAC system this spring can help you have cleaner and healthier air.

Cleaning Your HVAC System Can Save You Money This Summer

Failing to clean your HVAC system can cost your business money. Having a layer of dirt and grime on the coils inside and outside your building forces the air conditioner to work harder to keep the building cool. If you run a large company, that can dramatically increase your cooling costs in the summer. Paying to have your HVAC system cleaned now can provide you with substantial savings.

Summer may seem far away now, but it will be here before you know it. Soon you will be running your air conditioner all day to keep the building comfortable for your employees and customers. Getting your HVAC system cleaned and working better now can help you save money when you are using the system every day.

Schedule an Appointment to Have Your HVAC System Cleaned

Preferred Hood & Duct serves businesses all over Monterey. We can inspect your HVAC system, look for areas that are covered with dust and allergens, and clean them so your HVAC system will work better and you will have improved air quality. This can keep your employees healthy and help you save money. Contact Preferred Hood & Duct today to schedule an appointment to have your HVAC system inspected and cleaned.

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