Cleaning Your HVAC Ducts Can Make Employees Healthier and Reduce Sick Days

Employers want their workers to be at their jobs every day and able to focus and be productive. When employees call in sick often, it hurts productivity and can lead to lost wages and revenue for the company.

Employees can become ill for many reasons. Some, such as colds and the flu, are viruses they may catch outside of work. In other cases, the cause of the illness may be found in the building where employees work. Modern buildings are more energy-efficient than ever. This reduces heating and cooling bills, but it can also contribute to poor air quality because less outside air enters the building.

What Is Sick Office Syndrome?

Sick Office Syndrome is a situation in which people feel sick when they are inside a building at work and then feel better as soon as they leave. This is due to poor indoor air quality in the office building.

Sick Office Syndrome can be caused by dirt, dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses in the environment that are spread through the HVAC system. Employees cannot escape all of these irritants and allergens when they are working and may experience respiratory problems, headaches, and fatigue. Symptoms can be even worse for workers who have asthma or allergies.

Owners and managers can also get sick, which can affect their ability to lead the company. Lost work days caused by poor indoor air quality cost businesses billions of dollars every year.

Have Your HVAC Ducts Cleaned to Create a Healthier Work Environment

If your employees are calling in sick a lot, it could be because poor indoor air quality is making them ill. In addition to creating an unpleasant working environment, poor air quality can lead to lost money for your company. If you think the indoor air quality may be making your employees sick, you should have the HVAC ducts at your business cleaned to remove mold, dust, dirt, and other irritants.

Preferred Hood & Duct serves businesses all over Monterey. We can clean your HVAC ducts to remove allergens and irritants and improve your indoor air quality. This can result in a healthier environment, fewer sick days, and improved productivity. Contact Preferred Hood & Duct today to schedule an appointment for duct cleaning.

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