Clean Air Tips for Radon Awareness Month

The month of January is Radon Action Month and is used as a time to bring awareness to a dangerous gas, that if exposed to in your home, can lead to lung cancer and even death.

In light of this important cause, we’re dedicating this blog post to some key information about Radon in the home as well as some tips for keeping the air indoors clean for occupants.

What is Radon?

The gas, which has no color or odor to it, can sneak its way into the home’s air from underground. The only way to know if it’s present in the home is to have it tested. You can call a professional or use a DIY kit from a hardware store.

If radon has in fact been detected in your home or basement it makes sense to call on a professional and have it remedied quickly.  This may involve sealing cracks in the foundation and walls and running gas-tight pipes from crawlspaces to the roof as a way to vent the gas coming from the soil safely away from your home.

Here are some other tips to help keep the air quality in your home high.

Clean Up

It’s not just something your mom told you as a kid to annoy. Keeping a clean space that’s mopped up and dusted can easily prevent dust, debris, and other particles from making their way into the air you and your family breath.


If you’re using chemicals to clean (try safer alternatives) then you should also be ventilating the spaces in your home. Circulate a fan to dry mopped floors quickly and be sure to open the windows for a few minutes a day to let in fresh air and to let whatever is trapped indoors out.

Remove Moisture

Speaking of speeding up the floor drying, don’t forget that moisture can be a key culprit of indoor air issues. Mold grows easily in constantly damp spaces like bathrooms or there is a drip present. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on crevices or vents and other places where mold spores could grow.

Call in the Professionals

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