A/C in Heatwave Overdrive? Have Your Coils Cleaned

As most of the nation endures a heatwave, the hum of A/C units is crowding the air. While home HVAC systems fit to keep them indoors at comfortable temps, the extra work your A/C is putting in is also putting adding strain on the equipment. If you’re having A/C issues or you feel as if your home isn’t cooling as much as it used to, there are a number of possible issues that could be occurring.

One of the main reasons your A/C might not be cooling properly can be due to blocked airways. In addition to routine maintenance, you should always check to be sure filters are clean and airways are not blocked. Other culprit’s such as refrigerant leaks may also be at play so it’s important to have a professional come out to service your system.

Another important step in the routine maintenance of you’re A/C system is a soil cleaning. A/C coil cleaning services are important because they are the main operation allowing for hot air to be removed and cool air to be let into your home. Since it’s outdoors, the unit is also getting exposure to dust and other debris so it’s very easy for the soils to become dirty and not function properly.

With the threat of electricity loss and blackouts greater during a heatwave, it’s important that your system work efficiently. Dirty A/C coils force the system to work harder and waste even more electricity, increasing your utility bill and putting additional strain on resources.

Stay cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months in Monterey. Contact Preferred Hood & Duct today to schedule an AC coil cleaning.

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Warmer Days Approaching: Schedule an AC Coil Cleaning

Spring has finally arrived in CT and warmer days are approaching. Soon we’ll move away from cranking our thermostats up to keep our homes warm to lowering the temps so the AC kicks on and keeps the home cool as temperatures are rising outside.

The constant use is taxing on the units and make yearly maintenance and cleaning critical. Especially for AC systems that can stop working and leave you melting on the hottest days of the year.

An AC coil cleaning will improve energy usage, ensure your home is cooling efficiently and prevent costly repairs and system breakdowns.

Spring AC Coil Cleanings

Spring time in Monterey is perfect for AC coil cleaning services because the snow has melted, the temperatures are mild and your windows are likely open letting a breeze into your home. It’s also the time just before the hot weather and extreme temps enter. July and August have historically been extremely hot in CT so your AC system is working hard around the clock to cool your home. You want to be sure it can do this and do it without increasing your bill or breaking down mid-season.

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During an AC coil cleaning, the dirt and debris that’s accumulated around the condenser unit (grass clippings, leaves and dirt that’s kicked up from the ground are all culprits) are cleaned off of the coils so that they can properly absorb heat and have necessary airflow. In addition to cutting down utility bills this will also help extend the life of your AC system.

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A well trained technician will clean the coils without damaging them and can also spot other issues with the system that may need to be addressed. So while it will help to keep the AC units area clear of debris, you still need to schedule a cleaning once a year to keep your system working properly.

Based in Monterey, CA, Preferred Hood & Duct has over 20 years of experience cleaning air ducts, kitchen hoods, dryer vents, and more. Contact Preferred Hood & Duct today to schedule an AC coil cleaning appointment.

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Do Any of These Common Air Conditioner Problems Sound Familiar?

The last thing you want on a hot summer day in Monterey is for your air conditioner not to work. If your AC is not cooling your home, there are several possible causes and issues associated with that problem. You might be able to diagnose the problem yourself, or you might need to call a professional for help.

A stand-up fan.Condenser Is Not Running

If the condenser is not running, first make sure it is plugged in. If it is, check to see if a fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has been tripped. If so, correct the problem and see if the AC works.

The condenser might also not be working because the thermostat is not set correctly. Lower the thermostat by five degrees. If it does not kick on, there is probably a problem with a motor or compressor. You will need to hire a professional to repair it.

AC Is Not Cooling the House

If your AC is not doing a good enough job of cooling your house, lower the thermostat by five degrees. If it still doesn’t work, the evaporator may be dirty. Hire a professional to clean it.

If your AC unit is running but is not cooling, check the thermostat. Then check the condenser to see if it is dirty or blocked. If it is dirty, hire a professional to clean it. The problem could also be a faulty compressor or not enough refrigerant. A professional will need to diagnose and correct the problem.

Your air conditioner might not be doing a good job of cooling if it is very hot outside. It might not be able to keep your house as cool as you would like if the temperature is 100 degrees outside, even if the air conditioner is working properly and you run it all day. Think twice about replacing your AC if it is not doing a good job of cooling when it is unusually hot.

AC Turns On and Off

If the air conditioner turns on and off repeatedly, this could be caused by a blocked or dirty condenser or a dirty evaporator. Cleaning the unit and removing any obstructions can usually correct the problem.

Call Preferred Hood & Duct to Have Your AC Cleaned

If you are having a problem with your air conditioner unit and you cannot pinpoint the cause, it is probably because one or more of the components are dirty or blocked. A thorough cleaning of your HVAC ducts or evaporator coils may be able to eliminate the problem so your air conditioner will work properly. Preferred Hood & Duct in Monterey has a team of trained technicians who can identify and correct air conditioning problems. Call us today to schedule an appointment for service.

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AC Coils

How to Tell If You Need Your AC Coils Cleaned

AC coilsIf your home or business has an air conditioner, it is important to have it maintained on a regular basis so it will work properly when you need it. One important step is to have the AC coils cleaned.

The coils are some of the most important parts of an air conditioner. An air conditioner has two types of coils: evaporator coils absorb heat and humidity from the air in the building, and condenser coils expel heat outside the building.

In order for heat to be transferred effectively, the AC coils need to be clean. If the outside of the condenser coil is covered with dirt and grime, heat can get trapped inside and cannot be released. The condenser coil is part of the outdoor unit, so it is exposed to environmental pollution. Even if the condenser coil is located indoors, it is in a mechanical room that is ventilated and is still exposed to pollution.

If the evaporator coil gets dirty, it cannot remove heat and humidity effectively. The evaporator coil is located indoors, but it is still exposed to dust in the building and can become clogged, especially if you do not change the filters regularly.

Dirty AC coils can lead to higher energy bills. If the coils are dirty, the system has to work harder and run longer to keep the building cool, which uses more electricity. Regular AC coil cleaning can lower your energy bills. Running longer and working harder can also cause parts to wear out faster and shorten the life of the system.

In general, you should get your AC coils cleaned twice a year. You may need to have it done more frequently if you have older equipment, use it a lot, or live near street level or in an area with construction or pollution from a nearby kitchen or factory.

If your AC coils are dirty and your air conditioner is not working effectively, it is time to get the coils cleaned. Preferred Hood & Duct, Inc. provides both residential and commercial AC coil cleaning services throughout Monterey. Contact us today for an estimate.

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Why You Need to Clean Your Air Conditioner Coils

AC Coil CleaningYour air conditioner works hard to keep your home or business cool and comfortable during the hot summer months, but like everything in life, it needs a little maintenance to stay running in tip-top shape. This means about every six months depending on your specific situation, your AC coils need to be cleaned. Why clean your AC coils? The following three reasons are convincing arguments for the importance of keeping your air conditioning unit free of buildup and dirt.

It Keeps the AC Unit Running

An unmaintained air conditioner is going to have a harder time cooling your home. Because the
coils aren’t clean, the built-up contaminants act as an obstruction and the machine will need to work harder. Imagine trying to sprint through a crowd of people—even if you are a fast runner, the crowd of people are going to prevent you from running at your full potential. The stress from the extra effort of working against such obstructions may cause your AC to break and need repairs. If the damage is too severe, you may need to completely replace your AC unit entirely. Would you rather pay for a regular AC coil cleaning or a brand new AC unit?

It Saves You Money

Your air conditioner lets you live comfortably in your home, and you pay good money each hot, summer month to keep your home cool. By not having your AC coils cleaned, you may end up paying more money on your utility bills. Since the AC unit has to work harder if it has dirty coils, it takes longer and uses more energy to cool your home. You may not notice the change in energy costs immediately, but over time the difference between maintaining and not maintaining your AC coils and unit could mean big bucks.

AC Coil CleaningIt Keeps You Healthy

Of course you want to stay healthy, but are dirty AC coils really going to effect the air quality of your home or office? Yes! Dirty air conditioner coils mean dirty air, so cleaning your coils can reduce airborne contaminants in your home or office. Contaminants such as these can cause irritated sinuses and allergic reactions as well as increased symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems.

Have your coils cleaned about every six months and keep a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your AC unit runs at its highest potential. This can save you money on repairs and utilities, and cleaner coils means cleaner air for your home or office.

For air conditioner coil cleaning in Monterey, contact Preferred Hood & Duct. Based in Monterey, CA, Preferred Hood & Duct has over 20 years of experience cleaning air ducts, kitchen hoods, dryer vents, and more. Call us today to learn more at 727-233-6521 or get a free quote by filling out our online form.

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