Burglar Gets Stuck in Pizza Exhaust Duct for 11 Hours

A simple illustration of a burglar with striped shirt and mask.If you ever needed any more convincing that crawling around in air ducts in something best left to the professionals, this story from the lighter side of the news might be just what you’ve been looking for.

A 32-year-old man in Brandon Township, Michigan northwest of Detroit got himself into a tight spot when he tried to break into a local pizzeria through the pizza oven’s rooftop exhaust vent.

Police say the man, who hasn’t been named by authorities, was discovered when employees at the Cracker Barrel Pizza Store called the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office about a person screaming for help. He was ultimately removed from the duct – halfway between the roof and the floor – by firefighters. Authorities say the man was there for about 11 hours before being rescued. He was sent to the hospital with minor injuries and dehydration.

According to police, the man was on parole at the time of the incident, with prior convictions for drug charges and breaking and entering.

The moral of the story? We can think of two: crime doesn’t pay, and don’t go crawling through ducts unless you know what you’re doing.

While breaking into a pizza restaurant in the middle of the night is likely close the bottom of any list of reasons to spend time in a vent there are at least a few good ones, the most important of which being routine cleaning and maintenance by a professional duct cleaning service like Preferred HD.

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