Battling the Deep Freeze: This Year’s Hottest Tips for Home Heating

house in snowSnowy, cold weather seems to be the norm for this winter season in New England. And while we may have learned the best ways to shovel and salt our driveways, there’s always something to learn when it comes to heating our homes more efficiently. Especially this winter as a “deep freeze” has so many scrambling to find ways to keep their homes warm without breaking the bank.

Dangerously low temperatures continue to occur and home heating tanks are emptying quickly. Once this happens, homeowners aren’t just dealing with cold temps but there are risks like frozen pipes and other issues that could crop up.

Here are some of this year’s hottest home heating tips.

Look for Gaps

Beyond just keeping doors closed and windows shut, you should be doing a check around the house to seal any gaps that could be letting cold air in. Use seals in thresholds, re-caulk windows and consider having an energy audit done to find more ways to maximize efficiency in your home.

Watch Your Thermometer

If you’re lucky enough to have a smart thermometer this step is a bit easier as you’ll be able to control temperatures from a distance and ensure your home is always set to efficient temperatures. But even if you’re not using a connected thermostat, you can monitor the degrees set and change them throughout the times of the day. For example, you can lower the temps a bit while you leave the house or even at night when you’ll be tucked under your blankets to keep warm. Just be cautious to not lower the temps too much or you’ll risk frozen or burst pipes if the temps get low enough.

Never Skip Inspection

While it’s unfortunately too late in the season for some to do this step, let this be a lesson. In the future, it’s better to have your yearly routine HVAC cleanings and tune-ups done before winter weather rolls around and larger issues can surface. Not only cleaning the system but also performing checks and preventative measures in advance will keep issues at bay by catching them early on.

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