Air Quality Zapping Productivity in Your Office?

office spaceThe desire for maximum productivity is something all businesses strive to achieve. Employees who work smarter and faster get more done and bring the most benefit to a company. But a workplace that isn’t operating optimally may have other factors at play. An unhappy workforce, lack of training and skills or even the layout of the office could all be culprits behind decreased motivation and lower productivity.

For this post, we’ll look deeper at another important topic many don’t factor in as the reason your office seems to be moving in slow motion: Air quality.

Sick Building Syndrome

A poor work environment isn’t a totally new concept, in fact there is a term “sick building syndrome” that’s used to describe a workplace where occupants have issues such as cough; chest tightness; fever, chills; and muscle aches that cannot be explained and where relief occurs only after leaving the building. Pollutants present in these spaces can be the cause. The best way to improve these issues is to locate the source and offer the cleanest air possible for workers to breathe.

Office Air Quality Problems

Still, office air quality issues continue to plague many. Absenteeism, increased sick time and illness are only a small part of the problem. The larger impacts of breathing poor quality air can be life threatening. Airborne particulate pollution, formaldehyde, active mold growth, and so many other air quality issues can be present. Poor ventilation and a limited amount of fresh outdoor air circulating through a building is also a large concern.

How to Fix Air Quality at the Office

If you want to maximize the health and productivity of your employees, take care of the indoor air quality by scheduling regular cleanings of your office’s air duct system. In fact, the EPA says that unclean HVAC coils can result in a 21 percent decrease in system efficiency.

At Preferred HD, our commercial air duct cleaning services include detailed assessments of your systems’ condition, post-job quality assurance checks, and restoration of the fiberglass insulation that commonly wears out in commercial HVAC duct systems.

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