A/C in Heatwave Overdrive? Have Your Coils Cleaned

As most of the nation endures a heatwave, the hum of A/C units is crowding the air. While home HVAC systems fit to keep them indoors at comfortable temps, the extra work your A/C is putting in is also putting adding strain on the equipment. If you’re having A/C issues or you feel as if your home isn’t cooling as much as it used to, there are a number of possible issues that could be occurring.

One of the main reasons your A/C might not be cooling properly can be due to blocked airways. In addition to routine maintenance, you should always check to be sure filters are clean and airways are not blocked. Other culprit’s such as refrigerant leaks may also be at play so it’s important to have a professional come out to service your system.

Another important step in the routine maintenance of you’re A/C system is a soil cleaning. A/C coil cleaning services are important because they are the main operation allowing for hot air to be removed and cool air to be let into your home. Since it’s outdoors, the unit is also getting exposure to dust and other debris so it’s very easy for the soils to become dirty and not function properly.

With the threat of electricity loss and blackouts greater during a heatwave, it’s important that your system work efficiently. Dirty A/C coils force the system to work harder and waste even more electricity, increasing your utility bill and putting additional strain on resources.

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