5 Simple Tips for Preventing Fires in Your Home

Mistakes happen and disaster is sometimes inevitable, but few things are more terrifying than a house fire. Aside from the fact that it could take the lives of loved ones and pets, it can also destroy years of memories and change lives forever.

Some preventive steps can go a long way in protecting your home from the threat of a fire and they are simple enough to start doing right away.

Be Careful with Fire

Whether you’re lighting a gas stove, a fireplace, a candle, or a cigarette — always be careful with fire inside your home. If you are forgetful or going to sleep soon, consider not lighting a candle or putting another log in the fire. Chances are you’ll doze off and leave entirely too much time for the fire to be unattended and quickly start a blaze.

Check the Electrical

Home fires can also come from a not so obvious place. Faulty wiring or tattered electrical cords can short and start a fire too. Be cautious to always check for frays and cracks and don’t overload any circuits with too much electricity to keep harm away. Electric devices like heaters for the winter can also be a cause of concern because they can become very warm if unattended or too close to fabric from curtains for example. Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to details to keep fires out of your home.

Clean Your Dryer and Dryer Vents

A common cause for house fires includes clothes dryers that haven’t been properly cleaned for air flow. Every dryer includes a lint trap to assist with keeping the air vents clear. Each time a load is done drying, users should be removing the lint in that trap to keep the dryer functioning properly. Outside dryer vents should also be checked and cleaned regularly and dryers should always be used with caution including not running them while you are asleep or leaving the house.

Watch the Children

Kids will be kids. This is true. While instilling rules and obedience in children can go a long way, it’s up to the adults to pay attention and watch that children are always being careful. Especially if there is access to things that have potential for fire. Sometimes an innocent act or a little mischief and curiosity can lead to a fire.

Keep Up with Routine Maintenance

Home heating units like furnaces and boilers can, over time, become very dirty and clogged. Eventually this increases the chances of a fire, and worse, explosion. To avoid this altogether be sure to keep up with yearly cleanings and inspection schedules where professionals come out and remove dirt and debris from the unit and ensure it is functioning properly.  Do not try to do this on your own the risk of explosion or fire is very high.

Preferred Hood & Duct specializes in the inspection and cleaning of residential air ducts, HVAC systems, dryer vents, kitchen exhaust systems — and anything else that might be a risk for fires in your home. If you’re in Monterey and looking to keep your home safe, contact us today!