3 HVAC Tips to Cozy Up Your Home for Fall

Each season presents different reasons to admire that particular the time of the year. Whether it’s the long days and beach you favor, the holidays and romantic snowfall, or if it’s the colorful foliage in fall that calls out to you, there is something for everyone to appreciate.

Fall is best known as the season to get comfortable. We start dressing in layers, pulling out the coats and blankets and turning on the heating system in our homes.

With proper care and planning, starting up your furnace in fall requires only the push of a button. But getting there involves some maintenance steps you shouldn’t forego.

Here are some HVAC tips to cozy up your home come fall.

Open Vents

Depending on the type of system in your home, you should open the vents on the floor and the ceiling in your home if they aren’t already. This will ensure every room is getting a fair amount of heat circulated through it. While you’re opening them, you should also use a vacuum to suck up any dust or debris in the vents to further improve air flow.

System Cleaning

The fall season is the perfect time to test out your furnace and have it cleaned. Since its not frigid cold yet, you have some time to have necessary repairs done if needed without having to sit in a cold home waiting for it to work again. In addition to cleaning any dust or debris that’s collected in the system before you turn it on for the season, a professional maintenance job will also ensure all moving parts in the system are in working order.

Check Insulation

One of the best ways to ensure your home stays warm while its cold outside is to have the proper insulation in place. Your furnace can only work so hard to combat the cold temperatures. Taking the strain off of the system will also alleviate premature breaking or other costly replacements. It is recommended that at least 12 inches of insulation be used in the attic and you might even consider insulating the basement walls to keep your home warm and cozy and lower your energy bills.

If you’re in Monterey and ready for fall, contact Preferred Hood & Duct for combustible dust control and HVAC inspections and cleanings now.