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Healthy Homes Month: How to Keep Indoor Air Clean

clean air homeFor most of us, the place we call home is our sanctuary. Where we go to relax, spend time with our loved ones and somewhere safe. However even with the best security in your home, there are other issues that could be causing harm. Airborne contaminants.

In honor of “National Healthy Homes” month this June, we’re offering tips on keeping your home’s indoor air clean.

Have HVAC System Serviced

The HVAC system in your home is at the heart of how you’re able to keep the temperatures indoors comfortable throughout the seasons. As it works hard to pump our heat and circulate cold air, it’s also picking up debris. For this reason it is recommended that HVAC systems be serviced and cleaned at least once a year. Not only will this help spot potential issues with the system prior to breaking, but it can also lower your utility bills since the system won’t have to work so hard to heat or cool the home.

Clean Air Ducts

Cleaning your air ducts is one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality in your home.  Over the years, the duct ways you don’t see traveling throughout the walls in your home will accumulate with dust, pet dander and other debris and contaminants. Without having it removed, it will only continue to be pushed through the system and out into the air you and your family is breathing in the home. This can also improve allergies as well as reduce system breakage.

Beware of the Products You Use

Even if you keep up with yearly maintenance and cleaning of your air ducts and HVAC system you can be releasing more harmful chemicals into the air through the products you are using. Paints, harsh household cleaners and other pollutants can easily make their way into the air if you’re not careful. Be sure to research the types of products to avoid and proper ventilation when they are in use.

Preferred Hood & Duct offers air duct cleaning services that help to improve air quality in buildings  and homes.

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Spring is Optimal Season for Air Duct Cleanings

The spring season has arrived here in New England and has been an interesting one to say the least. From longer cold days than usual, to random extremely hot days in between – knowing whether you’d be opening the windows, turning up the A/C or even kicking on the heat for the day has been a coin toss.

It looks like we’re finally settling into a more steady temperature this season and as we adjust our HVAC system to bring comfort to our home, we cannot forgot about maintenance necessary for it to continue providing us with that comfort.

Professional cleanings and check-ups ensure your home’s air is clean and safe and prevents premature breakdown by checking for issues before they become larger problems.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your home’s air ducts cleaned, this is the perfect season to schedule the service. Here’s why.

1.      Open windows and fresh air circulating throughout the home optimizes clean air.

With mild weather conditions, Spring is the time of year that we open windows, turn off the heat and don’t need to use A/C. Since fresh air is coming into the home and the cold, stuffy air of winter is getting let out, it’s a great time to clean your air ducts while this air circulation is happening.

2.      You can reduce seasonal allergies by having your vents cleaned.

If you or a member of your household suffers from seasonal allergies they may have found this season to be an especially tough one. High pollen counts, constant rain and debris being stirred up from the ground at this time of year mean sneezing, teary eyes and other symptoms are common. You can reduce some of these pesky symptoms if you rid the air ducts in your home of the offensive dander and debris.

3.      Don’t forget the Dryer Vents!

While you’re having your air ducts cleared of build-up, don’t forget that cleaning your dryer vent is equally as important. Overtime dust builds up inside the vent that not only reduces the performance of your appliance but also puts you at greater risk for a fire.

Preferred HD provides inspection, cleaning and sanitizing services for homes, schools, hospitals and other facilities around Connecticut.  We service residential and commercial air ducts, HVAC systems, dryer vents, kitchen exhaust systems, A/C condenser coils, air vents and have the most qualified employees, with up-to-date training and relevant certifications.

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Maintaining Top Notch Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is a serious threat in your home if you’re not persistent and thorough with cleaning and having proper ventilation in place. Contaminants in the air won’t just damage your belongings, but can also cause serious harm to your family members and their health.

Here are some tips on maintaining quality air in your home.

Kick Smokers Out

Advise smokers to light up a far distance from your property. The threats of second hand smoke are well-known. But even smokers who use an open window, patio or garage area can be harming the air in your home. Remnants circulating through the HVAC system and carried around in the form of dust or attached to your pet’s coat can be put into the air and cause what’s known as third hand smoke and it is hazardous.

Remove Harmful Chemicals

If you think you’re doing a good job of keeping your house clean and well maintained by using harsh chemicals, degreasers and updating the paint on your walls frequently, think again. These products are emitting gases called “volatile organic compounds” (VOCs) and causing your home’s indoor air quality to diminish. Sings of over exposure even if just in small amounts over a long period of time can be dangerous. Headaches, nausea and dizziness can occur as well as kidney damage and cancer.

Schedule an HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning

In addition to removing harmful products from your home, you should open the windows frequently if you live in an area not threatened by outdoor air pollution to let in fresh air as well as schedule a regular HVAC and air duct cleaning.

Contact Preferred HD for cleaning services that help create a clean heating and cooling system in your home so you can breathe comfortably knowing your family isn’t taking in dust and allergen buildup from your ducts.

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This is a Reminder to Check Your Dryer Vent!

Being a responsible homeowner comes with a laundry list of to-do items – each one important in its own way. Thankfully, yearly maintenance services and online reminders like this one are around to help keep you on your toes.

House fires caused by clothes dryers happen at an alarming rate. According to the National Fire Prevention Association they were responsible for annual averages of, “13 civilian deaths, 444 civilian injuries, and $238 million in direct property damage.”

Of these fires, the reason behind their happenings were traced back to dust, fiber and lint as well as wire and cable insulation from the appliance itself.

This serves as an important reminder to check your dryer vent regularly. Not just emptying the screen trap for lint after every load but also emptying the vent that leads outdoors and looking behind the dryer and inside of the dryer to ensure there is no clog or other blockage present.

clothes dryer fullSome of the common signs that your dryer vent might be clogged include: clothes not drying properly or the appliance is hot to the touch when in operation.

Whether it’s been a while since you completed the chore, or if you can’t remember ever cleaning your dryer vent, the time is now. Depending on your DIY abilities and the location of your dryer and venting, you may be able to go behind the appliance yourself and free the debris from the tubing leading outside.

Or, you can leave this important task up to the professionals. The energy efficiency savings and fire hazard elimination make it an important task on your list, so bump it up to the top and get it handled sooner rather than later.

Preferred HD is your best source for dryer vent cleanings in CT.  Based out of historic Middletown, Connecticut, our qualified employees have up-to-date training and relevant certifications and are ready to serve the local community. Rest assured you’re getting quality service from qualified professionals.

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Keeping Your Home’s Air Clean

Keeping the air in your home clean may seem like an easy task. Dust regularly, mop the floors, and open the windows to let in some fresh air. While all of these are great ways to keep dander and debris at bay, it’s actually not the right way to keep the air your family is breathing in safe.

For the health of your family, paying attention to the quality of air in your home is important. Research has shown that the air in your home can potentially be worse than breathing in outdoor pollutants if you’re not keeping up with proper cleanings.

Dust mites, pet hair and mold are just some of the dangers left to drift through your home that will cause issues. They are known to be the culprit behind a sore throat, watery eyes and even cause asthma attacks.

Overcoming Poor Air Quality

The latest American Lung Association’s 2018 State of the Air report has found that poor air quality was the blame for an estimated 6.1 million deaths across the globe in 2016.

To overcome poor air quality in your home, it’s important to ventilate properly. Be sure to clean dryer vents, ductwork and even fix plumbing leaks to stop mold and prevent air quality issues.

Another great tip for keeping the air in your home clean is to turn up the AC to keep moisture out of the air and requesting that all smokers stay away from the home when smoking. Second hand smoke can cause serious health risks in kids and adults.

You should also be mindful of the kinds of cleaning products you’re using. Just because you like a squeaky clean bathroom or pine fresh kitchen floors, doesn’t mean it’s safe and actually clean. Some of these products include dangerous toxins that go into the air as gases and can cause serious harm.

How HVAC Services Help

Schedule regular HVAC maintenance appointments and be sure to keep those important appointment as the cleanings performed are critical to health and safety. Yearly cleanings ensure the system is running optimally and can even prevent premature breakdown or other costly issues from happening.

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Yearly Air Duct Cleanings Bring Fresh Air & Save Energy

Cleaning our home’s is part of a regular routine to keep our space healthy and livable. Everything from dusting to mopping floors and keeping the bathroom clean and sanitized are important weekly routines. Other cleaning tasks might happen less frequently. Such as pulling out appliances and deep cleaning behind their insides, but the task is still a necessary one.

Another cleaning that has to happen at least one time per year if you want to stay healthy and lower your energy bills is an air duct cleaning.

Your home’s air ducts, while out of visual sight, plays an important role in carrying cold and hot air through the home to keep you comfortable throughout Connecticut’s various seasons. Like the other areas of your home, these ducts accumulate dust and debris.

Clean Air

Just think about all the times you pull out the stove or refrigerator to clean behind it and are amazed by the dust that’s managed to accumulate. Now think about this same dust and debris being forced into the air in your home as the ducts deliver heat or AC to the rooms? Not only is that poor for health reasons, but combustible dusts are also a real problem.

Energy Efficiency

A dirty air duct isn’t just pushing pet dander, dust and other contaminants into the air, but the whole system is working harder than it has to and can potentially need premature, costly repairs. Having a professional technician preform regular cleanings will lead to less stress on the system and less energy usage.

Seasonal maintenance and duct cleaning services are the best way to inspect your HAVC system and diagnose problems early. Everything from leaky ducts to coils covered in dust and debris, can lead to performance issues that are costing you money and putting your family at risk.

Schedule a Duct Cleaning

Preferred Hood & Duct provides air duct cleaning services that help improve air quality in buildings and homes across Connecticut.  Get a free consultation and quote by getting in touch with our easy online form, or call (860) 613-1130.

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Warmer Days Approaching: Schedule an AC Coil Cleaning

Spring has finally arrived in CT and warmer days are approaching. Soon we’ll move away from cranking our thermostats up to keep our homes warm to lowering the temps so the AC kicks on and keeps the home cool as temperatures are rising outside.

The constant use is taxing on the units and make yearly maintenance and cleaning critical. Especially for AC systems that can stop working and leave you melting on the hottest days of the year.

An AC coil cleaning will improve energy usage, ensure your home is cooling efficiently and prevent costly repairs and system breakdowns.

Spring AC Coil Cleanings

Spring time in Connecticut is perfect for AC coil cleaning services because the snow has melted, the temperatures are mild and your windows are likely open letting a breeze into your home. It’s also the time just before the hot weather and extreme temps enter. July and August have historically been extremely hot in CT so your AC system is working hard around the clock to cool your home. You want to be sure it can do this and do it without increasing your bill or breaking down mid-season.

home AC unit

During an AC coil cleaning, the dirt and debris that’s accumulated around the condenser unit (grass clippings, leaves and dirt that’s kicked up from the ground are all culprits) are cleaned off of the coils so that they can properly absorb heat and have necessary airflow. In addition to cutting down utility bills this will also help extend the life of your AC system.

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A well trained technician will clean the coils without damaging them and can also spot other issues with the system that may need to be addressed. So while it will help to keep the AC units area clear of debris, you still need to schedule a cleaning once a year to keep your system working properly.

Based in Middletown, CT, Preferred Hood & Duct has over 20 years of experience cleaning air ducts, kitchen hoods, dryer vents, and more. Contact Preferred Hood & Duct today to schedule an AC coil cleaning appointment.

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Air Quality Zapping Productivity in Your Office?

office spaceThe desire for maximum productivity is something all businesses strive to achieve. Employees who work smarter and faster get more done and bring the most benefit to a company. But a workplace that isn’t operating optimally may have other factors at play. An unhappy workforce, lack of training and skills or even the layout of the office could all be culprits behind decreased motivation and lower productivity.

For this post, we’ll look deeper at another important topic many don’t factor in as the reason your office seems to be moving in slow motion: Air quality.

Sick Building Syndrome

A poor work environment isn’t a totally new concept, in fact there is a term “sick building syndrome” that’s used to describe a workplace where occupants have issues such as cough; chest tightness; fever, chills; and muscle aches that cannot be explained and where relief occurs only after leaving the building. Pollutants present in these spaces can be the cause. The best way to improve these issues is to locate the source and offer the cleanest air possible for workers to breathe.

Office Air Quality Problems

Still, office air quality issues continue to plague many. Absenteeism, increased sick time and illness are only a small part of the problem. The larger impacts of breathing poor quality air can be life threatening. Airborne particulate pollution, formaldehyde, active mold growth, and so many other air quality issues can be present. Poor ventilation and a limited amount of fresh outdoor air circulating through a building is also a large concern.

How to Fix Air Quality at the Office

If you want to maximize the health and productivity of your employees, take care of the indoor air quality by scheduling regular cleanings of your office’s air duct system. In fact, the EPA says that unclean HVAC coils can result in a 21 percent decrease in system efficiency.

At Preferred HD, our commercial air duct cleaning services include detailed assessments of your systems’ condition, post-job quality assurance checks, and restoration of the fiberglass insulation that commonly wears out in commercial HVAC duct systems.

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Clean Your Ducts for Fresher Indoor Air

Interior air quality is an important factor for homes and buildings because it can affect the health and quality of life of occupants. Things like mold, bacteria and chemicals can all pollute the air and should be handled with care. Opening the windows and using fans will help to reduce the effects on the space but in situations when you cannot open the windows, more will need to be done.

Having an HVAC professional come out for regular cleanings of your home or businesses air ducts and heating and cooling systems is the best way to ensure the air in your space is safe.

The professionals will look for the presence of mold in your system which can lessen air quality and then treat and prevent it. They’ll also clean the system and seal up any leaks.

Here are some additional things you can do to freshen up the air in your home.

Bring in Plants

Adding plants to our daily indoor spaces can help to improve air quality by adding necessary oxygen to the space. As plants grow they give off oxygen needed in the air and also pull in dangerous containments like carbon dioxide. Popular plants for improving air quality include mums, spider and dracaena plants. Be sure to check labels and research which plants are used to remove pollutants as well as the conditions they require to thrive and whether or not the plant is toxic to pets before you purchase.

Add an Air Purifier

There are many devices on the market today that you can purchase and setup in your home to help with purifying the air. These work by removing toxins we cannot see in the air from smoke, pet dander and pollen and filter it through a HEPA filter so it is better to breathe in. It is best to speak with an expert about your particular needs and which option would best prior to making an investment in one of these devices.

Never Skip HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance appointments are critical to the health and safety of your homes heating and cooling system. Yearly cleanings and checkups will ensure the system is running optimally and can even prevent premature breakdown or other costly issues from happening. You should never skip these appointments if you’d like to keep your home or building operating efficiently.

Preferred Hood & Duct provides commercial and residential services including cleaning, sanitizing, inspection and service for ducts, HVAC systems, AC condenser coils, dryer vents, and more.

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Fireplaces & Indoor Air Quality: What You Should Know

fireplace shoesThis winter’s been an exceptionally cold one in the northeast with no shortage of snow storms. As we get ready for another snowy week, you may be thinking about lighting your fireplace to keep warm. But before you do, you should know that having your fireplace lit is also affecting indoor air quality which is essential for your family’s health.

Here are some questions to ask before you start that fire.

Does Your Fireplace Actually Heat Your Home?

According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, “most fireplaces draw heated air into the fire.” So as you sit by the fire that’s radiating with heat, you’re also letting cold air from outside back in and reducing the warm air your home’s heating system is struggling to already provide. If this is the type of fireplace you have, it may not make sense to light a fire in hopes of making it warmer in your home.

What about Wood Burning Alternatives?

You may be considering an unvented fireplace that uses natural gas to create the fire and warmth in your home as a good alternative to the traditional open, wood burning fireplace – but not so fast. If you also want to keep your indoor air quality safe, this option isn’t as beneficial as it sounds. All of the combustion gases are now released into the room. And that means carbon monoxide and other dangers become a concern.

For the best indoor air quality while adding a heating element to your home, the Indoor Air Quality Association recommends opting for a direct vent sealed combustion fireplace. These deliver heat efficiently into the home without bringing in dangerous combustible gases.

At Preferred Hood & Duct we take indoor air quality seriously and provide air duct cleaning services for residential and commercial locations throughout Connecticut. Improve air quality and keep people safe.

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